Photography prints | 8×10

from the series ‘Wintertag’, ‘Coastline’, ‘Borderland’, etc.

I’m taking a break from social media for a while (about three months). I need to actually study. I bought an A3+ inkjet printer during the pandemic. I got some advice about inkjet print from printing director at Yamanote Photographic (Related post: here). I’m retrying photography prints with an inkjet printer. Feel free to give me your feedback and advice via DM or email. *I always use brownie 120 film 6×7 medium format. And sometimes I use 35mm (135) film.

Inkjet fine art paper: ILFORD and SiHL
Darkroom enlarging paper: ORIENTAL
Clamshell storage box: Print File, Inc.
Print size: 8×10 inches

*I’m going to get vaccinated for the first time on September 13th (Second dose: October 4th).