Masato Ninomiya is a self-taught photographer based in Kanagawa, Japan. He is a landscape photographer. He works on personal photographic projects. His interests are focusing on the reborn landscape in Kanagawa (including a history of Kanagawa) and the relationship with nature and the environment. It is an objective view of the current landscape as well as photo archive for the future. And sometimes, a landscape based on his personal history and roots. His photographs were featured on Phases Magazine, Landscape Stories Magazine blog, New Landscape Photography, Don’t take pictures (photo of the day) and Incandescent zine, etc. At one point, He was a contributor to Getty Images Japan and he took a correspondence course in art education at the university.


Contact : info[at]still-life.jp

*Sorry, I don’t have a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter account. And my English isn’t so good so feel free to ask me if there is anything unclear.


Award | Photography Competition
2019 International Photography Grant Landscape : NOMINEE
Series ‘Wintertag’
London, UK

Featured | Contemporary Photography Magazine
2020 International Photography Magazine Series ‘Wintertag’ London, UK
2020 Landscape Stories Magazine Series ‘Wintertag’ Treviso, IT
2020 Landscape Stories Magazine Series ‘borderland’ Treviso, IT
2020 of the land & us Series ‘Wintertag’ Croydon, UK
2020 COVID-19 PICTURES Oregon, US
2019 New Landscape Photography Series ‘Wintertag’ New York, US
2019 SEEN Magazine Series ‘Wintertag’ Lille, FR
2019 Don’t Take Pictures | Photo of the day from the series ‘Wintertag’ New York, US
2019 Phases Magazine Series ‘Wintertag’ Paris, FR
2016 | In a clearing | Series ‘Wintertag’ Amsterdam, NL

Featured | Photozine / Photobook
2020 Incandescent Issue 17 by Pine Island Press Oregon, US
2017 Eyescape Magazine Special Issue ‘CONNECTIONS’
2011 TOKYO-GA Photobook for 3.11 Japan Earthquake Tokyo, JP

Featured | Single photo on Instagram
2020 People Sleeping in the World *Curated by Shin Noguchi
2020 Revelateurs Magazine Liege, BE
2019 BROAD Magazine
Friday Feature
Vancouver, CA
2019 FotoRoom Italy
2019 Post Evidence Magazine Greece
2019 Drive-By Film Indiana, US
2019 allcitiesarebeautiful
Berlin, DE

Featured | Lifestyle Magazine
2010 homeland magazine Culture and ART Interview Fujian, CN

Portfolio review and small scale photo exhibition
2013 Solo photo exhibition at Shibuya ANTENNA
2010 Yokohama Photo Festival, Portfolio review entries

Client work and Support work
WAO project
Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd
2013 Go Green Market E&K Promotions and KEIO Corporation
2013 Rustic Wedding E&K Promotions and KEIO Corporation
2012 The Design Of Understanding Photo contributed to Getty Images UK
2011 Click! Real Japan Video interview : Getty Images Japan
Portrait Musical actress Kazumi Abiko, Woodwind Quintet Ensemble fem, etc.

Education / Take a seminar
2013 Correspondence course at the Kyoto university of art and design
2012 Photographers Forum at VACANT by Getty Images Japan
2010 ‘Photo market in the US’ at Gallery COSMOS by Yoichi Nagata


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