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Masato Ninomiya is a self-taught photographer born in Tokyo and based in Kanagawa, Japan. He is a landscape photographer. He works on several photographic projects. His interests are focusing on the history of his hometown of Kanagawa and the relationship with nature and environment (Series Wintertag, Coastline, The Wall, Borderland, and Eden. Also, Tokyo 2020 is the social landscape of Tokyo suburbs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reincarnation is his parents’ story). He primarily works with 6×7 medium format film. All his black and white photographs were home developed by himself. This website was launched in October 2003.

*Sorry, I don’t have a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (X) account. And my English isn’t so good, so feel free to ask me if there is anything unclear.

東京都出身、神奈川県在住。神奈川の歴史とその自然や環境との関係をテーマにランドスケープ・シリーズを制作しています。WintertagCoastlineThe Wall, BorderlandEdenの各シリーズ。その他、Tokyo 2020はCovid-19によるパンデミック時の東京郊外のソーシャル・ランドスケープ。Reincarnationは両親の終の住処のフォトストーリー。

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  • Valentine Editions HANDS

  • 2011
  • TOKYO-GA photobook for restoration assistance following the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake
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  • 2021
  • Online portfolio review by IMA editorial department
    Reviewer: Naoko Higashi (Editor at the IMA magazine and project manager of TABF)
  • 2010
  • The 1st Yokohama Photo Festival Open portfolio review at Red Brick Warehouse Building No.1
    Event produced by Yoichi Nagata
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  • Correspondence course at the Kyoto University of Art and Design

1. Series Coastline, The Wall, Tokyo 2020, Eden
Translated by Michael Normoyle and Yoshiko Furuhashi at M&Y Translations (Rotherham, UK).
2. Series Wintertag, Borderland
Translated by Natsuka Watanabe and Natsuho Taira.

All images and text © Masato Ninomiya
All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is strictly forbidden.