Masato I’m a self-taught photographer based in Kanagawa, Japan. Born in Tokyo, 1972.
Landscapes in Kanagawa and the surrounding regions. And a history of Kanagawa – I’ve been doing photographic works on this theme for the past several years.
contact info[at]still-life.jp
*Sorry, I don’t have a Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter account. And my English isn’t so good so feel free to ask me if there is anything unclear.
Award | Photography Competition
2019.11 International Photography Grant / London, UK
Landscape : NOMINEE Series “Wintertag”
featured | Contemporary Photography Magazine
2020.05 of the land & us / Croydon, UK
Series “Wintertag”
2020.04 COVID-19 PICTURES / Oregon, US
(Photo archives : Spring snow in Kanagawa)
2019.12 New Landscape Photography / NY, US
Series “Wintertag”
2019.11 SEEN Magazine / Lille, FR
Series “Wintertag”
2019.11 Don’t Take Pictures | Photo of the Day / NY, US
(Single photo) from the Series “Wintertag”
2019.11 Phases Magazine / Paris, FR
Series “Wintertag”
2016.03 | In a clearing | / Amsterdam, NL
Series “Wintertag”
featured | Photozine / Photobook
2020.05 Incandescent issue 17
Print : Pine Island Press / Portland, US
2017.04 Eyescape Magazine
Online : Special issue “CONNECTIONS”
2011.06 TOKYO-GA
Print : Photobook for 3.11 Japan Earthquake
featured | Instagram (Single photo)
2020.02 @revelateurs_magazine / Liège, BE
2019.12 BROAD Magazine / Vancouver, CA
“Friday Feature” 10 photos | Series “Wintertag”
2019.11 @visitfotoroom / Italy
From the series “Wintertag”
2019.07 @post_evidence magazine / Greece
2019.03 @drivebyfilm / Indiana, US
2019.01 @allcitiesarebeautiful / Berlin, DE
featured | Lifestyle Magazine
2010.12 homeland magazine / Fujian, CN
Print : (Interview) Culture and ART
portfolio review and small scale photo exhibition
2013.08 Solo photo mini-exhibition at Shibuya ANTENNA
2010.01 Yokohama Photo Festival, Portfolio review entries
client work and support work
2016.02 -2018.02 ShareGrapher | WAO-project
凸版印刷 Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd.
2013.06 Go Green Market
E&K Promotions, KEIO Corporation
2013.05 Rustic Wedding
E&K Promotions, KEIO Corporation
2012.01 The Design Of Understanding
Photo contributed to Getty Images UK
2011.04 “Click! Real Japan”
(Video interview) Getty Images Japan
2010.09 -present Portrait
木管五重奏団Ensemble fem、音楽座ミュージカル女優・ボーカリスト安彦佳津美、他
study / seminar
2012.11 Photographers Forum at VACANT
Getty Images Japan
2010.11 “Photo market in the US” at Gallery COSMOS
Yoichi Nagata
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