Route 1 | Under the overpass

This series is an ongoing project. I live in Kanagawa, Japan. This location is south west of Kanagawa prefecture. This coast is 50km away from my hometown. Cars run along the sea coast in this section (Japan national route 1). I passed this road many times. This time, I took the scenery under the overpass.

A life alive

This personal series is an ongoing project, which started in 2010. These photos are at my parents’ house and surrounding countryside the Izu peninsula. Mountain-burning on the Mt.Omuro is one of the events of the Izu peninsula. I think it to be reincarnation (A never ending cycle of life). It is the last place that my parents live. | 終の住処

White out

A foggy day / A snowy day. Similar but different. The nearby landscape and a fixed point. It rarely fogs/snows in this area. (Jan.18.2018 | Jan.22.2018)


The wintertag (winter day) series is one of the winter landscapes in Japan. These are at my hometown and Foot of Mt.Fuji. These landscapes are simplified by snow and I also tend to express simplicity and minimal.
*featured on | In a clearing |, 2016. Thank you to Joske Simmelink (Amsterdam).


The springtag (spring day) series is one of the spring landscapes in Japan. These are at Tokyo suburbs and Yokohama, Kanagawa.

Setouchi Trip

My father comes from Takamatsu (Shikoku Island). I went to Takamatsu and Shodoshima for the first time in 30 years. In childhood, I always spent the summer in Takamatsu with my cousin. This series is re-recording of the memories of my childhood.

The misty road

Kanagawa/Yamanashi prefectural road 730. The road leads to Lake Yamanaka.

Still Life EP

Single photo / Extended photo library.
*Some photographs are licensed on Getty Images | Creative RM/RF
*Incl. A one of the photograph was featured in EYESCAPE MAGAZINE special issue "CONNECTIONS", 2017.


The wild animals like deer, boar and bear live in the area of Shirasawa pass in Yamanashi Prefecture, where Dodge pickup truck and cherry tree from its bed are seen. The pickup is supposed to carry trees and left alone in the war time or after as cherry tree shows the time pass. | Mar.23.2015

Advertise | Portrait

Musical Actress and Vocalist : Kazumi Abiko / Dancer : Kaori Asahiro / Woodwind Quintet : Ensemble fem / Guitarist : Hidetoshi Ehara. etc...