America in Kanagawa | There are dotted with US naval facilities in Kanagawa where I live. Of these US Radio Transmitting Facility Kamiseya in the suburbs of Yokohama was drawn off and the land was returned in 2015. The site area was 24.2k㎡. Cherry blossoms were planted along the surrounding highways as a sign of friendship. This area is opened the part of the square to the public during the first week of April, despite the former border fence is banned from crossing even now. It is planned to attract an International Horticultural Exhibition which will be held in 2026, on the site of this US naval facility. The purposes of this photo series are to record as one of the history of Japan or the history of Kanagawa which should be created the reborn landscape in the near future.*April.2019 - An ongoing series.


The wintertag (winter day) series is one of the winter landscapes in Japan. These are photos at the foot of Mount Fuji and my hometown (central Kanagawa prefecture / An area along the Sagami River). The Lake Yamanaka at the foot of Mount Fuji is approximately 70km distance from my hometown. In my hometown, it snows rarely however, the Lake Yamanaka freezes every year. In Nov.2016, it snowed for the first time in 54 years in my hometown. The Lake Yamanaka is the headstream of the Sagami River and it is the only lake with natural debouch into the rivers among the Five Lakes of Mount Fuji. These landscapes are simplified by snow and I also tend to express simply and minimally.

After the storm

After the storm (Typhoon Hagibis) | The neighbourhood scenery. October 2019.

HAMAMIDAIRA Housing Complex

Photo archive | Aunt's house. This housing complex was rebuilt later. (Hamamidaira Housing complex 1963-) Taken on January 2019 Kanagawa, Japan.

Under the overpass

Coastal erosion / Living (Local people) in surrounding areas | These are photos at the southwest of Kanagawa prefecture (Sagami bay + Japan national route 1 Seisho Bypass, 20km section). This series is an ongoing project, starting in September 2018.

Still Life EP

Single photo archives & Short series.

Second Home | in Setouchi

My father comes from Takamatsu (Shikoku Island). I went to Takamatsu and Shodoshima (Island of Seto inland sea) for the first time in 30 years. In childhood, I always spent the summer in Takamatsu with my cousin. This personal series is re-recording of the memories of my childhood. [B/W : Aug.1979, Aug.1981 | Color : Aug.2016, Sep.2016, Aug.2017]

Advertise | Portrait

The portrait of the artist who is active based in Kanagawa. Musical actress and Vocalist : Kazumi Abiko / Woodwind Quintet : Ensemble fem / Guitarist : Hidetoshi Ehara / Singer-Songwriter : Tomomi Oe w/Junpei Chiba