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Covid Pictures | Founder: Jennifer Timmer Trail
Archive 1750-2000 from Japan (B/W 5 photos)
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My B/W photos (Left to right): 1. International student wearing a facemask. 2. Social distancing. 3. Social distancing. 4. Message in the windows of Tachikawa Sougo General Hospital: “Hospital at its limits. Stop the Olympics!”. 5. ‘TOKYO 2020’ Olympic banners and the ‘Olympic’ supermarket’s signboard at the top of building. – Taken on April 2021

昨年3月〜4月頃、アメリカ・オレゴン州のJennifer Timmer Trailさんによって、パンデミック下の全世界の写真をアーカイブしようという目的で創設されたCovid Pictures過去記事)。今回は今年の四月末に、オリンピックのバナーが掲示されている東京郊外の街、そのオリンピックの中止を訴える医療機関、フェイスマスクをした留学生、ソーシャル・ディスタンスなどを撮った「Tokyo 2020」から五枚がCovid Picturesに追加されました。Jenniferさんからアーカイブへの追加のご連絡を頂いたのは奇遇にもオリンピック開会式の直前。将来、Covid Picturesアーカイブが全世界の人類や社会、歴史等に役立つことを願っています。以下に同様のプロジェクトとして、アメリカ同時多発テロ発生時の写真アーカイブ・プロジェクトや関東大震災映像アーカイブを追記します。

The Olympic games opened on July 23. The Tokyo Paralympics start from August 24. But I haven’t been vaccinated yet. Vaccination for the coronavirus has been delayed in Japan. Anyway, I hope that the Covid Pictures archive will be useful to humanity, society and history around the world in the future.

Ref. Interview: Covid Projects – Covid Pictures by LENSCRATCH

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zine: Tokyo 2020

Photographs, Text and Layout by Masato Ninomiya
Translated by Michael Normoyle and Yoshiko Furuhashi at M&Y Translations

Paper: ARAVEAL snow-white (TAKEO Co.,Ltd)
Print on demand (laser print) / Saddle stitch binding
Printing and binding by Graphic Corp. (Kyoto)

NOTE: オフセット印刷のようなクリアさや解像感と比べると、オンデマンドのレーザープリントは画像部分が少々粗くベタッと沈みがちになるのかな?と以前入稿したものでも思ったのだけれど、そんな中、印刷用紙で好きなのはヴァンヌーボ、ミスターB、アラベール。中でもアラベールは手触りと凹凸感がとても好きなので、手触りがイイから今回これでヨシとも思った。原稿上、一部修正するところがあるので、再度入稿して完成とします。


Tokyo 2020’ Photozine: A5, 14 photos, 36 pages


Tokyo 2020

New: Short documentary series “Tokyo 2020” (14 photos)

“You keep that,” said my dad. It was a copper medal commemorating the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, which were held before I was born. He told me that the start of shinkansen rail services was timed to coincide with the Games, and that sales of the colour TV sets that replaced black and white ones went through the roof. The second Tokyo Olympics was planned to take place 56 years after the first, in 2020. But the Covid-19 pandemic broke out at the start of the year, and the Games were rescheduled for 2021. The global coronaviruscrisis remained unresolved, however, and cities in Europe and America went into lockdown. In Japan, where the law does not allow lockdowns, states of emergency were repeatedly declared in the major cities. In April 2021, Tachikawa Sougo General Hospital, a medical facility in one of Tokyo’s suburbs, posted messages in its windows warning that it was at the limit of its capacity to treat patients and calling for the Olympics to be cancelled. At present, with three months to go before the Games are due to start, the majority of Japanese citizens are still unvaccinated, while the Japanese government’s line is that the Olympics will go ahead.

This short documentary series is intended to allow us in future to look back on the once-in-a-lifetime year of the planned Tokyo OlympicsI plan to submit these photographs to Covid Pictures, a photo archive project created by Oregon, USA-based artist Jennifer Timmer Trail.

Translated by Michael Normoyle and Yoshiko Furuhashi at M&Y Translations (Buckingham, UK)




*Tokyo 2020 (14 photos)  | zine原稿制作中


Covid Pictures



Aint-BadのエディタだったJennifer Timmer Trailさん(アメリカ・オレゴン州)が、パンデミック下の世界中の写真を共有/アーカイブしようというプロジェクト、COVID-19 PICTURESを立ち上げられました。この状況でしか創られることのなかった貴重な記録やアーカイブとなるのかどうかは今はまだ誰にもわからないと思うけれど、目的は前述のように至ってシンプルなもののようです。後年、COVID-19 PICTURESのアーカイブを客観的に見られるようになることを自分は願おうと思います(そう出来るときには、この世界的危機が収束しているはずという希望)。

Mar.29.2020 Spring snow in the neighborhood | COVID-19 PICTURES Archive 1-250