Soft magazine n.00

Soft magazine n.00 First edition 2020/2021

Artists: Ákos Levente, Ama Split, An Devroe, Aslan Hasanaghaei, Burak Boylu, Emerald Liu, James Mason, Jeremy Philip Knowles, Lalie Thébault Maviel, Macayli Hausmann, Masato Ninomiya, Michael Schoberth, Søren Lilholt, Soti Tyrologou, Thom Cameron, Yuhan Shen

Editor: Giada Pianon
Creative director: Manuela Baldin
Treviso – Venice, Italy

Bounded 21×29.7 cm
Glossy cover 300 gr, Paper 120 gr
86 pages
€ 15.00

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*NOTE: Four works from my “Wintertag” series were published in issue 00 of Italy’s Soft magazine. When the magazine went on sale, three of these four works appeared in a format that was different from their original 6×7 medium format (The photographs’ aspect ratio had been shrunk vertically). Soft magazine has already looked into this problem for me. The editor has been in touch to let me know that the error will be corrected when the magazine is reprinted, and an errata sheet with an explanation of what happened will be issued. I would like to thank Soft magazine’s editor Giada Pianon for her quick response concerning this problem. Despite the unfortunate production error in issue 00, I sincerely hope that Soft magazine will thrive in the future.

イタリアの Soft magazine n.00に「Wintertag」シリーズから4作品掲載されました。但し、掲載作品のうちの3作品について、オリジナルのフォーマットとは異なる上下方向に縮小圧縮された形で掲載されています。この件に関して、すでにSoft magazineとの間で双方確認が取れており、再販時には原稿が修正されること、正誤表を用いてこの問題が説明されることなどをエディタよりご連絡頂いております。ご了承のほどよろしくお願いします。

(Movie via my Vimeo | Copyright ©︎ 2020 by the artists and Soft magazine)