Note | Reincarnation 終の住処

Personal photo story “Reincarnation” | 26 photos


*昨年、このシリーズ内の写真をストリート写真家・ノグチシンさん@shinnoguchiphotos)のキュレーションによって、People Sleeping in the Worldに取り上げて頂きました。この場を借りて改めてお礼申し上げます。父と一緒に写っている烏骨鶏には長寿の意味や縁起があるようです。


Reincarnation (26 photos) : This personal photo story is an ongoing series, which started in 2010. These photos are at my parents’ house and surrounding countryside the Izu peninsula. My father said, “When I retire, I’d like to spend the rest of my life in the Izu peninsula”. In 2010, my father bought a house in the Izu peninsula. Mountain-burning on the Mt. Omuro is one of the events of the Izu peninsula. It will be carried out in February every year for refreshment of grasses. I think it to be reincarnation (A never ending cycle of life). It is the last place that my parents live. *The paper airplane that my father handed to my mother is the contract sheet of this house.

*Last year, one of the photos in this series was featured on @peoplesleepingintheworld (Curated by @shinnoguchiphotos -san).